At Elbar Worldwide we have the background knowledge to supply our customers with a wide variety of products sourced from around the world. Our experience allows us to fulfil all the demands required by those discerning clients looking for top quality products at a competitive price. We have our own technical backup team, warehousing, transportation, storage and distribution.


We source meat from all over the globe; lamb from New Zealand, beef from Poland and the EU, Pork from Europe and, of course, all species from the UK, we have the ability to source different cuts of meat to suit the customers needs – whatever they may be – fresh, frozen, cooked or raw.


Is our speciality, we supply UK retailers, wholesalers, food service and manufacturers with a regular supply of chicken and turkey, in a wide variety of forms – whole birds, fillets, drums, wings, thighs either fresh or frozen, marinated and breaded, cooked or uncooked. Retail packed or bulk packed.

Frozen Food

We can provide a wide variety of frozen party foods from mini ribs to Indian style platters, the range also includes roasting joints and various breaded products.


We can provide a complete range of ready baked breads, ready to bake breads, pastries and morning goods, and also products used for home baking. We are the UK distributor for Fazer and can supply their complete range of Arctic Thin Breads. For complete information on this superlative product please visit the Fazer website:


We have a full range of grocery products – rice and cereals, nuts and pulses, sweets and confectionary, drinks in cans and bottles.